Jenna Relyn

Hi, I’m Jenna

Jesus Follower. Enneagram 8. Wife. Pasta Lover. Shopaholic.

I am a newlywed living in (and born and raised in) San Diego, CA.

Although I live in a vacation destination, I find myself in need of a vacation at least every other month. And then I find myself needing all new outfits for these said vacations. And then I need to know where to eat once I get there. I am someone who googles and searches on pinterest for errrything. And you know what my pet peeve is? Long paragraphs and back stories about why a blog post was written, when I really just want to know “The 5 Best Restaurants in Tulum” or the “5 things to Avoid While Wedding Planning”.

So I’m at the point in life where I feel like I’ve gone enough places, bought enough things, and made enough meals to help my fellow googlers, hashtag searchers, and pinterest pinners out. And I’d like to share it with whoever cares whilst employing one of my life mottos: “be bright. be brief. be gone.”

So what kind of blog is this? A lifestyle blog I suppose. I NEVER thought I would see myself saying that, however…

  • I’m going to travel
  • I’m going to shop
  • I’m going to eat

…and I am going to share my highlights with you along the way. It’s not a vacation…it’s a lifestyle.